10 Fine and Visual Motor Activities

You can encourage fine motor and visual motor skills in your child with these activities. Try it today!
What you need:

  • paper clips
  • index cards
  • markers
  • magnet
  • jar
  • sorting tray

Suggested activities:

  • Put a paper clip on the matching letters.
  • Say a word aloud. Put a paper clip on the letter that the word starts with.
  • Make matching patterns with paper clip chains.
  • Put the correct number of paper clips on the index card that matches the number.
  • Link the paper clips to the correct number.
  • Now compare the chains to teach less or more.
  • State a simple math problem aloud. Put a clip on the answer.
  • Put the clips together to make a long chain.
  • Draw patterns on paper and match the chain to the pattern.
  • Place a chain over a shape, like a circle.