10 Reasons for Telling Bedtime Stories


Cinderella. The Three Little Pigs. Peter Pan. Bedtime stories are all time favourite of young children. They are great for bedtime. They are great for leisure time. They are a great companion for kids. There are many reasons why we should have bedtime stories. Here are ten good reasons why it is worthwhile to spare those precious minutes with your child:

1. Just Bond. When you read to your child, both of you are of close proximity – physically and psychologically. Your child will feel loved because of your companionship.

2. Show moral values. There are amusing, entertaining bedtime stories that also teach children a wide span of moral values. The Kid Who Called for Wolf teaches children not to tell lies and make jokes on people.

3. Get a Good night’s sleep. Children can have a hard day too. Reading a story book before bedtime simply eases sleep and encourages sweet dreams. Just stay away from stories with monsters and ghosts!

4. Learn to read and spell. Story books have a high accuracy of proper usage of English language. This helps children to pick up a good command of grammar and spelling.

5. Encourage writing. Do not be surprised if your child is inspired to be an author later in life. They learn by listening to engaging examples of writing; your child’s composition skills may improve as well.

6. End the day with friendly and soothing images. More often than not, bedtime stories offer better images than the TV and Internet. They are child-friendly and you need not worry about children being exposed to violent images.

7. Encourage children’s thinking and imagination. Alice in Wonderland is a great example. Isn’t it fascinating to see Alice chasing after a little rabbit? Children would be curious to know what the lead character is thinking as she is going through these adventures. When children are caught up in a story, they often imagine themselves in the lead role as and keep thinking about how the story will end.

8. Learn to love books at young age. When children learn to love books, books become part of them. Their engagement becomes their hobby.

9. Encourage sibling sharing. Older children who can express themselves well can tell stories to their younger siblings. They share. They bond. They fight less.

10. Learning and accepting villains in reality. While most bedtime stories places emphasis on good characters, children will also learn about the existence of ‘bad guys’ in the real world. The big bad wolf, the witch and the pirates are somehow important in the flow of the storyline. Children will see that that the stories nearly always conclude with justice being served upon the ‘villain’. This helps them to understand to some extent how justice works in the real world too. So you have all the reasons to grab a bedtime story book today! Good night. Sweet dreams.