32 uses for baby wipes (excluding wiping a baby)

baby_wipes_pic1You probably never bought baby wipes until you had children – now you can’t possibly imagine life without them. It doesn’t take long to appreciate just how many other uses wipes have, as Zoe Meunier discovered when she came to compile this list ..

Show me a mother who hasn’t been saved by a baby wipe once in her life and I’ll show you a unicorn. How do I love baby wipes? Oh, let me count the ways …


The ultimate beauty buddy

1. Use baby wipes to remove eye and/or face make-up. No doubt beauty purists might gasp, but they are gentle and efficient at getting the job done … but by all means feel free to go and spend four times the price to have them be labelled ‘beauty wipes’.

2. You know those annoying hair dye stains that form around your hairline and neck when you do a DIY colour job? Hello, wipes!

3. Keep on hand while giving yourself a mani/pedi for wiping away any boo-boos. (Especially useful for when your child tries to give you a pedicure.)

4. Hair gone static or frizzing out in the humidity? A quick going over with a baby wipe can calm crazy flyaways.

5. Been a bit over-zealous with the at-home spray tanner? Quickly wipe offending area with a baby wipe … crisis averted.

Cleanliness is next to godliness …

6. Sure, your child may be toilet trained, but that doesn’t mean they no longer make a mess. Use your wipes to clean sticky fingers and faces after eating, as well as dirty feet from the park or sandpit. Also handy for wiping the hands of a crawling bub. Because much as we like to think our floors are clean …

7. Toilet paper substitute. According to a poll, 57 percent of us have gone there. Great for kids that have just been toilet trained and for the rest of us, for those times when we just need a little bit of ‘extra help’. Just be sure to use nice sensitive wipes and keep in mind that they shouldn’t be flushed.

baby_wipes_pic2Oh-so-handy around the home

8. Baby wipes are surprisingly awesome for stain removal – use to blot up stains on clothes, upholstery or carpeting – they are particularly useful on microfibre couches. People who work in retail are known to use them to remove make-up marks from clothes that have been tried on too many times. And – perhaps most importantly – they are perfect for getting rid of white deodorant marks on dark clothing. Genius!

9. Wipe down the leaves of houseplants to remove dust and get back that lovely sheen.

10. Attach to a dust mop to damp down dust – a more effective way of cleaning especially for eczema and asthma sufferers.

11. The perfect way to clean a leather lounge.

12. Mother-in-law about to drop by at short notice and no time for a proper clean? Grab your trusty baby wipes and give a speedy wipe down to bathroom and kitchen surfaces

13. Use to clean the outside of the refrigerator, especially the handles and the inner seals where mould can develop. Also useful for cleaning the outside of other kitchen appliances, like microwaves, kettles, toasters, coffee machines, etc. They work well for cleaning light switches, too.

14. Keep your shoes in good shape – baby wipes can be used to bring leather shoes to a shiny sparkle, as well as wiping the sides and bottom of trainers and hiking boots after stepping in dew, grass or mud.

15. Wash baby doll faces as well as other plastic kids’ toys.

16. Great for cleaning a blackboard – or, for that matter, a whiteboard!

17. Wrap around the end of a broom and use on the ceiling to get rid of spider webs and dust balls.

18. Clean fingerprints from photo frames.

19. Ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces – run baby wipes along your plantation shutters or venetian blinds, or pull them through the slits in your dining chairs or other fiddly furniture to get to wear dusters can’t.


Out and about

20. Very handy when travelling – use on planes, trains and rental cars, as well as wiping down handles, knobs, phones and remote controls in hotel/motel rooms. Obsessive? Hey, you never know who’s been there before …

21. An essential companion at any camping trip – from cleaning yourself when there’s no shower available to washing hands and even dishes, to taking along on those solitary trips behind a discreet tree.

22. Even the worst germaphobe need not fear going out in public when armed with baby wipes. Use for wiping down tables at restaurants and food courts, high chairs, shopping trolleys, changing tables and toilet seats in public places. Also a great way to freshen your hands before and after eating if there’s no toilet nearby.

23. Keep a stash in your car glove box. Not only are they effective for cleaning the dashboard and car interior when you’re stuck in traffic (multi-tasking at its best), you can also use them to clean your hands after visiting the petrol station. Not to mention their effectiveness for cleaning bird poo off a windscreen!

24. The perfect way to stay fresh and cool on hot summer days. Put some in a cooler bag for use at the beach, park or day trip, or just keep some in the fridge for a refreshing wipe down on a steamy hot night.

25. Go from beach to bar with ease with a couple of wipes to remove sunscreen, salt water and sand.

26. Use on the wheels of prams, strollers and bicycles to avoid trailing the outdoors through your home.

27. Workout at the gym without welcoming your fellow gym-goers sweat and grime. Use to wipe down your bike at spin class, the sides or handles of the cardio equipment, plastic mats, seats, barbells and dumbbells.


Miscellaneous marvels

28. Pour a bottle of witch hazel into your aloe wipe container, and hey presto! A much cheaper version of the specialty wipes to treat haemorrhoids – perfect for use during pregnancy.

29. Need a new aromatherapy sachet for your dresser drawer? Simply pop a few drops of your favourite essential oil on a baby wipe and hey presto!

30. Hate the taste of envelope glue? Use a wipe to moisten the seal instead. Works on postage stamps too…

baby_wipes_pic331. Got a pet? Get wipes! Use them to clean your pooch’s feet after playing at the park, to clean your cat’s face or, well, other end. They also help to prevent moulting … give your hairy friends a daily going over with a baby wipe to remove stray hairs and stop them depositing on your furniture and flooring.

32. The best friend to arty types everywhere. An effective pen, pencil, crayon and paint remover from most surfaces, many artists also take them into the studio to keep hands clean and to remove painting errors. They’re also handy for cleaning rubber stamps when card making and scrapbooking.


Source :  http://www.kidspot.com.au/32-new-uses-baby-wipes/?utm_source=outbrain&utm_medium=widget&utm_campaign=obclick%20=obnetwork
Author : By Zoe Meuunier, a Sydney-based freelance writer and mum of two young children.