7 kid-friendly games at the beach

Children playing on the beach
Enjoy these 7 beach games with your whole family.

1. Frisbee Golf

Draw a big circle in the sand. Throw the Frisbee to get a-hole-in one.

2. Plastic cricket

An easy game for 2 or 20 people. Grab a plastic cricket set and a tennis ball. You are ready to go!

3. Sorting shells

Pick some seashells on the beach. Draw grid in the sand. Sort the seashells according to colours, shapes or size.

4. Musical towels

The beach version of ‘Musical Chairs’. Lay the towel on the beach. Get someone to sing. When the singing stops, the kids will try to nab the towel.

5. Dig the deepest hole.

Turn it into a competition. See who can dig the deepest hole.

6. Beach pictures

Think of a word like ‘sun’ and watch the kids draw on the sand.

7. Shell race

The beach version of ‘Egg and Spoon’ game. Keep the shell on the head while racing towards the finishing line.

Note: Don’t forget your sunscreen!