Airline Travel Tips For Travelling with Children –The Most Practical Tips Part 2

Planning to travel with children on the plane? Here are more helpful airline travel tips to consider when travelling with your kids.

1) Pack and Prepare Early – Don’t wait until the last minute
Do not wait until the last minute to prepare for your trip. Pack well in advance so that you do not feel pressurized and stressed. Especially when you are travelling with children, there will be  more items you need to pack and prepare. Therefore, do it now rather than later.

2) Give special treats to your kids as incentives
When you board the plane, give your kids special treats as incentives to help provide your kids with some motivation. Make it into a game where every milestone you meet during the journey, your kid will receive the special treat. This will help kill time for your children by having this extra motivation factor for them to look forward to.

3) During check-in request for aisle seats and front row seats
During check-in, request for aisle seats. On top of requesting for aisle seats, see if you can also get the front row seats. Usually the aisle and front row seats gives you the most leg room, and provides you with the easiest access to the aisles. This will help you to prevent disturbing other passengers when you are trying to make to the aisles to bring your child to the washroom or to get any assistance from the cabin crew.   Also by having easy access to the aisles, when possible, you can take your kids for a stroll to expend some energy out of your kids.

4) Ear popping
Sometimes when your child is on the airplane, they may have pain in their ears or their ears feel like popping. This is due to the cabin pressure and from the plane suddenly changing altitudes. There are a few methods to cure this. You can ask your child to swallow a couple of times, or to drink some water. If your kid is old enough to chew gum, that can help too.

Here are some additional practical airline travel tips for travelling with children. These are all effective methods to consider when planning for your next trip with your family. By ensuring you plan ahead early, you will be in a much better position during your travels to overcome any obstacles that may come.