[Giveaway] Children’s Travel Essentials For Under $20

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Planning a getaway this March holidays and stressing over what to pack to keep your child entertained? Fret not! For under $20, we show you what children travel essentials you can pack to keep them occupied for hours and days!


For Girls:

My Pretty Princess Doll Dressing Sticker Pack


Price: $13.80 from POPULAR Clementi Mall outlet

Recommended Ages: 3+


Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess! This girly sticker pack consists of 4 books and over 500 pretty stickers that are sure to keep your child engaged! With over 30 princesses to dress, little girls will love to help the characters choose outfits and find matching accessories as well!


This My Pretty Princess Doll Dressing Sticker Pack comes in a box with a velcro flap cover and a handle, making it easy to pack and carry around while on the go. You may bring along just one book for a short road trip or all 4 for a longer holiday.


For Boys:

Boys’ Sticker and Activity Pack


Price: $13.80 from POPULAR Clementi Mall outlet

Recommended Ages: 3+


Boys can join in the fun with pirates, knights, dragons and dinosaurs in this fantastic activity pack. Bursting with over 120 stickers and press-outs, this fun-filled pack will keep your child entertained for hours.


Just like the sticker pack for girls, the boys’ pack also consists of 4 books in an easy to pack and carry box. Instead of bringing all 4 books, you may bring along one book and use the remaining space in the box to contain other colouring books, crayons or card games as seen below.


For Boys & Girls:

Old School Children Card Games


Price: $2.90 for a set of 4 card games from POPULAR Clementi outlet

Recommended Ages: 4+

Number of players: 2 or more


Have some wallet-friendly family bonding time while on the go with these old school card games! At only $2.90 for FOUR decks of card games, each deck barely even costs a dollar! In addition to keeping your child occupied for hours on end, these card games also help your child develop useful skills. You may choose to bring along one set of cards for a short getaway or more for a longer one.


1) Old Maid

Old Maid is a classic favourite with children and lots of fun for families playing together. In addition, Old Maid allows you to keep card strategy and pyschology simple, making it an ideal game for younger children.

The objective of the game is to form and discard pairs of cards, and not to be left with the “Old Maid” card. Children can develop the skills of matching, pairing and recognizing numbers through this game.


2) Donkey

Donkey is similar to Old Maid except that the set consists of farmyard animals. The loser is the one who is left with the “Donkey” card at the end of the game and you can call him/her “Donkey”!


3) Snap

Snap is a quick and simple card game for children that focuses on matching cards. Snap also improves alertness, attention span and speed of visual and verbal responses. The objective is to win all of the cards.


4) Happy Family

Happy Family consists of cards featuring fictional families of four. The objective of the game is to collect complete families. The player with the most cards wins. Happy Family develops counting, sorting and matching skills, as well as early literacy.


Children’s Travel Essentials Giveaway

We’re giving away 2 sets of children’s travel essentials. Each set consists of a Boy/Girl activity pack and 4 card games.

To participate, visit EFI Early Readers Facebook page.