Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Aside from a thorough spring cleaning, it is necessary to decorate the home with auspicious ornaments. To avoid thronging through the crowd at Chinatown to shop for CNY décor, why not make your own CNY ornaments out of readily available red packets? Not only is this a great way to spend family time together, it is also a good opportunity to educate your kids on Chinese traditions.

Here are 3 simple CNY crafts that can be made out of hongbaos:
1) Hongbao Lantern
Red lanterns symbolize good luck and is believed to ward off evil.

2) Hongbao Pineapple
The word “pineapple” in Hokkien is “ONG LAI” which means good luck comes. Hence, the pineapple symbolizes hopes for a good fortune in the new year.

3) Hongbao Ornamental Goldfish
The Chinese word for fish is yú which sounds like abundance and surplus.

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