DIY Mini Geoboards

Geoboards are one of the most common educational toys found in preschool classroom and it can be used to teach shapes, patterns, spatial concepts, alphabets, and much much more! Now you can make this useful toy yourself and let your child practise all these skills at the comfort of your home!

You will need:

–        9 plastic pushpin

–        Square styrofoam board/cardboard/corrugated plastic board

–        Glue

–        Rubber bands

Note: This DIY mini geoboard is not suitable for very young children. Take note of the sharp pushpins when the children are playing with it. If you are looking for a more durable geoboard, you can make one with wood and nails using the same steps.

Step 1
Cut 2 squares (6” x 6”) from the board and glue them onto each other
DIY Mini Geoboard 1
Step 2
Layout your pushpin with approximately 1.5” apart. You may secure it with some strong glue to prevent the pins from coming out later.
DIY Mini Geoboard 2
Step 3
Now, you can start playing with it using the rubber bands!
DIY Mini Geoboard 3