Games for Dyslexic children or beginner readers


Enjoy a round of reading game and memory game with dyslexic children or beginner readers.

What you need:

  • Cards ( 2 different colours)
  • Marker pen

1. Reading game


  • Write a sentence on each coloured cards.
  • Cut out the words into individual cards.
  • Arrange the cards as you read the words with the child.
  • Hand out a set of cards in  another colour with the same words to the child.
  • Get the child to arrange the cards according to the first sentence.

2. Memory game


  • With the same sets of cards, arrange them in 2 rows with the words facing down.
  • Get the child to flip 2 different coloured cards to find a pair.
  • Flip the cards close if a pair is not found.
  • Repeat by flipping 2 cards to find a matching pair.
  • Continue until all the cards have been matched.