How can e-Books benefit your child’s learning?

In today’s digital age, almost every household in Singapore owns a smartphone. It is a common sight to see students handling smartphones and tablets in trains, food courts, buses or any other places. While there are still some parents who are hesitant to expose their children to technology at such a young age, there are also other parents who feel that these tools can enhance their children’s learning. In fact, children can gain much educational benefits or skills from these smart devices if used appropriately. One good example is to promote reading through e-Books. Many e-Books have included the following features to promote children’s interaction, knowledge and learning.

ebook1 Read aloud with synchronised text highlight
Reading can be a very discouraging and frustrating task for emergent readers who are still facing difficulties with pronunciation and reading fluency. Most e-Books like the EFI Early Readers offer the option for children to read independently or have it the stories read aloud to them with synchronised text highlight. The latter not only enables readers to learn new words, but also allows them to hear how the words are pronounced correctly. Emergent readers can gain confidence in their reading ability by following the read aloud option.  Competent readers can test their reading ability by reading on their own and use the read aloud feature if they need guidance.
ebook2 Interactive hotspots
Many parents are concerned that their children do not understand the meanings of the words, which is a valid concern since young children may not know how to use a dictionary. Many e-Books have an almost perfect solution to this problem – use interactive hotspots! By simply tapping on an interactive hotspot, it will trigger motion pictures, music, sound or the word pronunciation. For example, in the EFI Early Readers, there are several interactive hotspots featuring animated illustrations or word pronunciations.
ebook3 Sound and music
Music and sound that complement the story can make it come “alive”. Many e-Books have this special feature to engage children and enhance the reading experience. With the accompanying music and sound effects, children can relate to the plot and setting to gain a deeper understanding of the intended mood. EFI Early Readers incorporate sounds of animals, vehicles, nature and the surroundings to create authenticity.
ebook4 Interactive activities
Interesting interactive activities that complement the story provide opportunities for the child to apply the knowledge that they have gained from the book. Research has shown that young children learn best through play and hands-on experience. Games like puzzles, mazes, memory games, matching and spelling exercises can help to develop critical thinking, logical reasoning and many other skills. EFI Early Readers has over 160 interactive activities to provide a holistic learning experience, motivate your child to explore and discover new knowledge.


A variety of reading materials will encourage your child to develop a love for reading. While it is important to hone your child’s literacy skills, e-Books are also a great supplementary resource for your child to pick up technological skills which will be needed in the future. EFI Early Readers series adopts the blended approach, offering both print books and digital apps to nurture a holistic learning experience.  Box sets comprising 6 printed books each are sold at all Popular Retail Stores while the digital version is available on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.  So check out EFI Early Readers today!appstoreplaystore ebook5