How to Make Your Kids Obey You

make_kids_obey_pic1While there are a number of frustrating things associated with being a parent, one of the most frustrating thing is having a kid who does not mind what you say. In addition to being frustrating, a disobeying kid also creates embarrassing, and sometimes, dangerous situations. Just imagine trying to tell your kid to stop going across the street because you see a car coming but he does not and then, he does not mind. Obviously, this scenario could end up in a big disaster.

Tips on how to make your kids obey are tough but parents are learning right along with the kids. So never be afraid to make appropriate adjustments when required. Hey, parenting can be tough but starting your kids out the right way will ensure they have a life of success. The following will help on how to make your kids obey your orders and instructions.

Be the Parent
Too often, parents lose their roles as the person of authority. When raising your kids, they need to understand that what you say goes and there is no argument about it at all. In fact, arguing or disobeying is simply not options. If you start raising them early with this attitude, how to make your kids obey will become much easier and at an earlier age.


Stop Yelling
When you yell at your kid for not minding, all you have done is proven to him or her that you just lost control. Immediately, the kid understands that he or she has taken a position of power, not what you want. When disciplining your kid, remain calm and firm – stop the yelling! The response will be that the kids obey much quicker.


Be Fair
Chances are you have heard the words, “These rules are unfair” more than once. In reality, parents will sometimes set rules, restrictions, and expectations that are not fair. Consider the age of your kid, his or her maturity level, and the individual situation so you are fair. As an example regarding how to make your kids obey, if you have a daughter who just turned 14 and she wants to go to a school dance, something she has never done before, why not. At this age, and as long as there will be supervision, she is old enough. However, if you were to tell her no, stating she was too young, she may stay at a friend’s house and then sneak to the party anyway. In other words, set the rules so   you are not setting your kid up for failure. With this, kids obey more readily.

Kids of all ages need to know that with disobeying, lying, stealing, and other negative behaviors, consequences are a part of the deal. By establishing guidelines and letting your kid know the consequences, he or she may be less interested in disobeying. You can help kids obey by teaching them that not minding leads to tougher disciplinary actions.


Author : Bernard Loke
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