Open the Lock!

This is a chance for your child to play detective and finding the correct keys to open the lock. It is an awesome indoor play for your child to do matching while practising their fine motor skills of inserting and twisting the keys to open the lock.

You will need:

–        Keys

–        Lock

–        Colour pencils

–        Paper

–        Sticky tape


Step 1
Label your lock and keys. Here are some ideas of matching that your child can do:

  • Upper case alphabets to lower case alphabets
  • Numerals to number words
  • Colour words to coloured objects
  • Shape words to shapes
  • Beginning sounds to pictures
  • Opposite words


You might want to label a few locks and place it around the house to increase the difficulty of the game.

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Step 2
Now, your child can start opening the lock!