Oral Hygiene Tips for Kids

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Children generally have more sensitive teeth and gums, especially if they’re below seven years old. The time when teeth just started developing is crucial for having good oral and dental health in their adulthood. Parents have the responsibility to guide their children’s development, and so dental healthcare professionals recommend these tips to introduce children to healthy dental hygiene practices.

Have the right type of toothbrush and toothpaste. 

Introducing your kids to daily brushing helps them get started on basic proper oral hygiene practices. Using toothbrushes with soft bristles is good for their sensitive teeth and gums, and will avoid early oral complications that can develop into major problems. Having pea-sized, not-too-sweet, child-friendly toothpaste is also recommended to ensure they don’t swallow any of it.

Introduce them to fluoride rinse. Using mild fluoride rinse will help protect their teeth and gums. Unlike adult mouth wash that contains alcohol, fluoride rinse is good to use after brushing and flossing, especially before the kids go to bed. Using a mouth rinse early on will get them used to regular mouth washing, an essential adult dental hygiene practice.

Make flossing a habit. Aside from brushing and using fluoride rinse, flossing also protects teeth by removing food debris that toothbrushes can’t clean. A good Los Angeles dentist recommends flossers, which are little plastic devices that hold floss tight, making it easier for kids’ small hands to use. Some flossers also come in cartoon designs that children like, which can encourage them to floss regularly.

Supervise kids’ eating habits

Daily brushing, rinsing, and flossing may not deliver positive results if your kids eat more junk food than healthy ones. Having a balanced diet rich with fruits and vegetables will give them the nutrients and vitamins that their growing bodies need. Aside from talking with your family Los Angeles dentist, consulting with nutritionists and dieticians will also help facilitate your kids’ overall health and protect them from oral diseases. Visit the dentist regularly. These tips apply to children in general, but consulting with a professional Los Angeles dentist regularly can further help determine the appropriate oral hygiene practices that will work best for your child’s specific needs. Yearly visits will also help detect potential oral problems and monitor your child’s dental development.