Pretend Play Cookie

I made up a few pretend baking kits for the girls — which kept them happily occupied, and it’s a great quiet time activity! They are SUPER easy and quick to make up. I cut up some very inexpensive craft felt using a few cookie cutters as my pattern, added some pieces for “icing” and a few bits of felt for “sprinkles” (the MOST important part about baking!). Once I gave the girls a couple of cutting boards, and a small rolling pin, they kept themselves entertained for a good long while!!

What you need:

  • fleece fabric
  • rolling pin
  • a few cookie cutters
  • cutting boards
  • baking tray
  • scissors


  1. Roll out the dough( fleece fabric) with rolling pin and cloth.
  2. Cut out the cookies with scissors.
  3. Add on the icing cut from strips of fleece fabric.
  4. Decorate the cookies with sprinkles!
  5. Children would pretend to eat their cookies and start the whole process again to bake batches and batches of cookies.

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