Sequencing Christmas Tree

This craft works allows children to practice their fine motor skills and sequencing skills.

A great math skill practice in a fun way! Frame up the picture or simply write a message behind and give it to someone as a Christmas gift!

You will need the following :

  • 6 pieces of green paper stripes of different lengths (Approx 2 cm wide)
  • Brown coloured paper
  • Star stickers or cut-out
  • A4 red construction paper
  • Cotton


Step 1
Have your child to cut out the green stripes or different lengths. If the child has not mastered the use of scissors yet, parents may assist in the cutting. After that, arrange them from the shortest to the longest, starting from the top and stick them onto the red construction paper using glue.
Step 2
Pinch small bits of cotton and stick them onto the paper to create “snow”. Alternatively you can use cotton bud with white tempura paint to create the “snow”.
Step 3
Lastly, cut a rectangle from a piece of brown coloured paper to create the trunk and stick a star on top of your Christmas tree!